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Bavaria 36
Bare Boats
Turkey and Greece

Bare Boats Cruising Turkey

The Bavaria 36 is an inspired choice
for bare boat cruising in Turkey and Greece. The sail plan is optimum for a fast but sea-kindly hull, while all lines lead aft to the cockpit. Configuration includes either two or three private cabins, a salon area that converts to more berths, functional galley, separate navigation station, and water closet with shower.
What more could you ask of a bare boat cruising Turkey and Greece!

Bare Boats Cruising Turkey

Technical Specifications:

Length: 37.4 ft
Beam: 11.8 ft
Draft: 6.3 ft
Sail Area: 720 sq ft
Engine: 19 hp Volvo Penta
Displacement: 10,361 lbs
Water Tanks: 85 gal
Fuel Tanks: 40 gal


Furling Headsail,
Bimini Top, Electric Windlass,
VHF Radio, CD Stereo Music System,
Fully Equipped Galley, 12v Refrigeration,
Tender w/Outboard

Bare Boats Cruising Greece

Bare Boats Cruising Turkey

Bare Boats Sailing Turkey

Bare Boats Sailing Greece

Bare Boats Cruising Turkey

Bare Boats Cruising Greece

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Something Similar Cruising Turkey and Greece

Something Else Similar Cruising Turkey and Greece

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Bare Boats Cruising Turkey

Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning bare boats cruising Turkey and Greece may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. Are you searching for the perfect holiday? One which has everything? Have you considered a bare boat sailing yacht on which to cruise the pine-clad coast of Turkey? Can you imagine a bare boat charter yacht cruising from isolated cove to isolated cove along Turkey's Turquoise Coast? Coves surrounded by Calabrian pine, sage, and oregano to the edge of crystal clear water? Or are you dreaming of a bare boat cruising Greece? Cruising between remote Greek islands from one waterside town painted in Dodecanese pastels to the next? Or both? Are you hoping to bare boat cruise both Greece and Turkey on the same holiday? Well, it can be done! Why not do it aboard a charter yacht comfortably accommodating you two and up to four of your friends. Why not begin your holiday by cruising Turkey's ancient Caria. Begin your holiday by cruising the Spartan superhero Lysander's tracks along the coast of Caria and among Greek Dodecanese islands. Tracks made in pursuit of Athenian triremes during the Peloponnesian War. Bare Boats 
Cruising GreeceTracks in the final years of the war leading to and from Miletus, and to and from Ephesus. Lysander was a Dorian Greek born in the mid 5th Century BCE at Sparta in the Peloponnesus. His family while claiming descent from Hercules nevertheless was not of the royalty claiming similar descent, and Lysander from the age of seven led the rigorous life of an ordinary soldier required of most Spartan men, a life so bare of comforts it gave us the English word spartan. While the little we know of Lysander was not set to print until Plutarch half a millennium later, this Spartan warrior survived infanticide and the child-weeding process practiced by his oligarchic city-state, maturing as an athletically handsome young man with a single-minded military purpose. He also matured in the tradition of Leonidas, the Spartan king who at Thermopylae delayed with 300 Spartan elders and a handful of others the Persian host in its 480 BCE invasion of Greece. Commanding hoplite infantry in the later Peloponnesian War with Athens, Lysander quickly gained a measure of fame while achieving the rank of strategos or general. It was as a hoplite commander that Lysander learned the military maxim of concentration of force, and it was during these Peloponnesian War years that Sparta first put to sea in oared triremes, nipping at the edges of Athenian maritime dominion in the Aegean. With little or no experience at sea Lysander was in 407 BCE made navarch or admiral in command of Spartan triremes at Ephesus on the coast of western Anatolia. Within three years of battle in eastern Aegean waters he brought this war of 27 years to an end, always concentrating his inferior force against a dispersed or over-stretched enemy. To read how he did it, click here. Or read more as you bask under a warm Aegean sun cruising his tracks. It could be a midsummer night's dream. As it may have been Shakespeare's. Read of his Lysander (depicted above left at Athens) in his Midsummer Night's Dream. This later Lysander fell afoul of Athenian law under which daughters were wedded as fathers wished. The Spartan Lysander might not have wedded at all but for a Spartan law requiring marriage at the age of 30. Requiring procreation, as well. He fathered two handsome daughters who also survived infanticide. Would you like to have a bare boat holiday cruising the crossroads of history? Would you like to have a holiday aboard a bare boat charter yacht proceeding leisurely from seafood feast to seafood feast? Are you into octopus? Have you tried it grilled? Or boiled and marinated in vinegar? Come charter a yacht in Gocek. We can tell you about octopus. Are you searching for Gocek in Turkey? Well, it is 15 road miles from Dalaman International Airport (DLM) and 42 nautical miles from Rhodes Town in Greece. In Gocek we can put you aboard a bare boat for a memorable holiday. We can put you aboard a bare boat charter yacht and show you the flat sailing waters of the neighboring Gulfs of Gocek and Fethiye, point you up the coast of Turkish Caria to Miletus, show you the route Lysander took from Miletus past Samos and Ephesus and Chios and Lesbos to Aegospotami on the Hellespont where in 405 BCE he trapped and destroyed most of the Athenian fleet. That's where he brought the 27-year Peloponnesian War to an end. The Bavaria 36, a superb sloop-rigged bare boat cruising Turkey and Greece. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at