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Bavaria 40
Bare Boats Cruising
The Aegean And
Eastern Mediterranean

Cruising Aegean

Pleasing lines define this popular mid-range yacht cruising the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.
A roomy cockpit and judicious positioning of winches facilitate ready control of mast and sail shape without over-complicating things for the charter crew. With twin helms, the Bavaria 40 proves to be surprisingly light, sharp, and responsive. Among easy handling and extraordinary sailing pleasure, comfort does not get shortchanged: the three-cabin plan includes ample below-deck space and
generous stowage within attractive furnishings.

Cruising Eastern Mediterranean

Technical Specifications:

Length: 40.5 ft
Beam: 13.1 ft
Draft: 6.2 ft
Sail Area: 910 sq ft
Engine: 38 hp Volvo Penta
Displacement: 18,700 lbs
Water Tanks: 95 gal
Fuel Tank: 55 gal


Furling Headsail, Furling Main
Bimini Top
Electric Windlass
VHF Radio, CD Stereo Music System
Fully Equipped Galley
12v Refrigeration
Dingy w/Outboard

Cruising Eastern Mediterranean

Cruising Eastern Mediterranean

Cruising Aegean

Cruising Eastern Mediterranean

Cruising Aegean

Cruising The Aegean

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information about cruising the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. You must be searching for a sailing yacht on which to cruise the Aegean Sea or eastern Mediterranean. You may have read something about a yacht charter along Turkey's Turquoise Coast. Or your thoughts might be of a cruise among remote Greek islands. Or you may be dreaming of both Greece and Turkey, the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean. Well, the original Bavaria 40 is a charter yacht with family accommodations ideal for cruising either or both. You and your family or you and friends might like to charter such a sailing yacht to cruise the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean coasts of ancient Caria, a part of southwestern Turkey. Or to sail the Aegean coasts of Caria's neighboring Ionia, Aeolis, and The Troad, cruising among Greek Dodecanese and Sporades islands along the way. While you holiday on blue water under blue skies at the crossroads of history.Cruising Aegean One of the first historical narratives is the Iliad attributed to Homer. The Iliad, "the first-fruits of the noblest literature of the world, and the fount of poetic inspiration for all later ages," inspired a German-American by the name of Heinrich Schliemann to author at the age of nine an essay in Latin concerning the Trojan War, and at the age of 14 to drop out of school having learned as much as German schools taught. He then in succession became a grocer's apprentice, a steamer cabin boy, a shipwreck survivor, a clerk, and an independent merchant conversant in Arabic, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish as well as his native German. At the age of 36 he retired a wealthy man and turned to the study of Greek and archaeology. Fourteen years later in 1871 he set off in search of Homer's Troy, Priam's Troy somewhere on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Schliemann was accompanied in his search by his bride Sophia Kastromenos, a remarkable Greek beauty (photographed at right) 28 years his junior, and advised by Frank Calvert, a British archaeologist with a theory as to Troy's location. Would you like to holiday aboard a charter yacht proceeding leisurely from one azure swimming hole to another, knowing Troy's location and eventually reaching the shore on which Agamemnon beached his galleys? Because Schliemann found Homer's Troy in The Troad, that part of Turkey just below the Dardanelles. He also found gold and artifacts which he labeled Priam's Treasure, perhaps because of a gold cup alone weighing forty ounces, or more likely because of the "Jewels of Helen" adorning his wife in the aforementioned photograph. Would you like to charter a yacht to cruise The Troad? Starting in Bodrum, perhaps? Are you searching for Bodrum in Turkey? Well, it's about eleven nautical miles NNE of Kos Town on the Greek island of the same name. In Bodrum or Kos or elsewhere we can put you aboard a sailing yacht for the holiday of a lifetime cruising north through the Aegean, past ancient Iasus, past the Aegean islands of Pharmakousa, Agathonisi, and Samos, past Ephesus, Chios, and Lesbos, crossing the wake of Agamemnon coming and going, all the way to The Troad. We can also point you toward Agamemnon's Mycenae and Tyrens where Heinrich Schliemann later unearthed additional evidence substantiating Homer's Iliad. A cruise through Aegean history or a cruise from one swim hole to the next. Or both. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at