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Doruk Reis
Western Turkey
And Eastern Greece

Sailing Western Turkey

Oak-framed, pine-planked, and mahogany-appointed with teak decks,
Doruk Reis features a ketch-rig, classic lines, and an aesthetically pleasing low profile.
She accommodates sixteen guests in eight cabins, four double and four twin,
all with easy access to below-deck and top-side entertainment areas.

Sailing Eastern Greece Sailing Western Turkey
Sailing Eastern Greece Sailing Western Turkey


Four Twin Cabins
Four Double Cabins
All En-Suite
All Air-Conditioned
Large Salon
Indoor and Outdoor Dining
Cabin Top
With Sun Mattresses
Cushioned After Deck
With Awning
Separate Crew Quarters

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 1992
Length: 90 ft
Beam: 22 ft
Engine: 400 hp Cummins
Generator: 220v 18kva
Water Tanks: 1,050 gal
Fuel Tanks: 660 gal
Sail Area: 3,170 sq ft
Cruising Speed: 10 knots


VHF & Mobile Telephones
GPS & Radar
Flat-Screen Television
Stereo Music System
Marine Air Conditioner
Tender w/Outboard
(2) Kayaks
Fishing Tackle
Snorkeling Equipment
Fully Equipped Galley
Ice Maker & Deep Freeze

Sailing Eastern Greece Sailing Western Turkey

Sailing Eastern Greece

Sailing Western Turkey

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning charter sailing in western Turkey and eastern Greece may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. You must be searching for a charter yacht sailing western Turkey, or for a charter yacht sailing eastern Greece! Why else would Google send you to this web page! You must therefore be searching for a charter yacht sailing the azure Aegean, perhaps for a charter yacht with an aesthetically pleasing low-to-the-water profile able to transport you from one remote Greek Aegean island of eastern Greece to the next remote Greek Aegean island of eastern Greece, perhaps pursuing the perfect octopus in vinegar, or greater amberjack on the grill. You may also be imagining such a charter yacht sailingSailing Western Turkey the pine-clad cove-indented coast of western Turkey, pausing here and there to inspect evidence of history, ancient or medieval. Or maybe you would like to do both, maybe you would like to go sailing in western Turkey and eastern Greece at once. It's possible. It can be done aboard the motor/sailing gulet Doruk Reis, a crewed charter yacht with accommodations for sixteen guests. Why not charter such a crewed yacht to cruise the coast of western Turkey and among neighboring eastern Greek islands as did Turgut Reis, no relation to Doruk Reis. Later known to Christendom as Dragut, Turgut was born in 1485 within sight of the sea in southwest Turkey to a mother of Greek heritage and a father of unknown pedigree. To the age of twelve he sailed the coast of Turkey's ancient Caria aboard fishing skiffs, often venturing out among Dodecanese islands. You might also cruise among Dodecanese islands while you holiday under a warm sun glistening on azure sea! While you have an extended-family or group-of-friends holiday aboard a crewed sailing yacht catering to your every wish, proceeding leisurely from intriguing locale to the next intriguing locale. Nearby Dodecanese or far Cyclades. Turgut cruised the far Cyclades as well as the near Dodecanese. He did so in the years between 1505 and 1520. Working out of Alexandria, Egypt, with a flotilla expanding from a single brigantine to as many as twenty galliots he terrorized the Cyclades then Venetian-ruled, hiding frequently at Skhinousa below Venetian Naxos. A prisoner at a Genovese galley oar in the years 1540-1544, Turgut upon ransom turned his attention away from Venetians and toward his former captors represented by Andrea Doria. Over the next six years he plundered and pillaged throughout the Italian litoral, enslaving thousands and earning the sobriquet Drawn Sword of Islam. In October 1550 while careening his ships in the large lagoon at Djerba on the coast of Tunisia, Turgut was surprised by the aforementioned Doria who appeared at the mouth of the lagoon and sealed off its exit. And there Doria waited. The opposing forces were disproportionate. Turgut had 3 red-hulled galleasses, 10 galleys, and three brigantines while Doria commanded a force comprised of 36 galleasses and galleys as well as an equal number of support vessels. It was no contest, and Doria dispatched heralds to announce his victory. The no-contest was resolved only when, using 2,000 Christian slaves as well as an equal number of local Sailing Eastern GreeceBerbers (Homer's lotus-eaters), a two-mile canal was dug over five days through sandbanks 20 miles down the lagoon and Turgut's off-loaded galleys and galleasses were otherwise rolled 50 yards on logs at night to make their escape. The brigantines were left within sight of Doria who continued to block the conventional exit for days after Turgut's departure. It was then, in the late Autumn of 1550, that Turgut returned to the Aegean, again plundering the Cyclades en route to Constantinople to seek reinforcements from Sultan Suleiman. He was far from finished. He had fifteen more years at sea before meeting his end at the age of 80 during the 1565 siege of Malta. And we hope you are far from finished. There is much more to this part of the world than meets the eye during a single holiday. You might next cruise in the other direction further along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. To Antalya or beyond. To Pamphylia, Smooth Cilicia, and Rough Cilicia. Starting in Bodrum? Are you searching for Bodrum in Turkey? Bodrum is eleven nautical miles NNE of Kos Town on the Greek island of the same name. There or at Kos or elsewhere we can put you aboard a motor sailing gulet for the holiday of a lifetime. We can put you aboard a charter gulet with an experienced crew able to show you the cove-indented Gulf of Bodrum (ancient Ceramic Gulf), and able to show you Turgut's tracks along the nearby coast and through the Aegean. The crew of Doruk Reis can tell you about it, all about it. Doruk Reis, a fine crewed gulet available for sailing in western Turkey and eastern Greece. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at