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Ecce Navigo
Turkey And Greece

Luxury Sailing Turkey

Schooner-rigged Ecce Navigo is built to sail.
112-feet in overall length, this Maltese-flag luxury yacht has five double cabins each with its own water closet and shower. She is air-conditioned throughout and each cabin is isolated within bulkheads of solid mahogany. The gleaming iroko deck has shaded dining and lounging areas forward and aft.

Luxury Sailing Greece Luxury Sailing Turkey

Guest Accommodations:

Guest accommodations consist of five roomy double cabins, three with double beds and two with twin beds. There are also dressing tables, closets, and en-suite bathrooms. Each cabin is fitted with
individual air-conditioning, television, and stereo systems.

Luxury Sailing Greece


The large pilot-house salon includes tasteful and comfortable dining, lounging, bar, and library areas
while opening to an equally comfortable quarterdeck.

Luxury Sailing Greece


Built: 1997
Refitted: 2009
Length: 112 ft
Beam: 24 ft
Draft: 14 ft
Displ: 150 metric tons
Sail Area: 5,400 sq ft
Engine: 540 hp Caterpillar
Maximum Speed: 12 kts
Cruising Speed: 10 kts
Water Capacity: 2,100 gal
Fuel Capacity: 1,300 gal

Luxury Sailing Greece


Marine Air-conditioning
33 & 22 kva Generators
Water Maker
VHF & Mobile Telephones
Television & Stereo Systems
Internet Connection
(3) Refrigerators
Deep Freeze & Ice Maker
Snorkeling Equipment
Tender with 100 hp Outboard
Water Skis
Windsurfer, (2) Kayaks

Luxury Sailing Turkey

Luxury Sailing Turkey

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning luxury yacht sailing in Turkey and Greece may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. You must be searching for a sailing holiday. Even the Latin search term ecce navigo loosely translates to here I sail! You may be searching for a yacht sailing Turkey or Greece or both. You may even be searching for a luxury yacht sailing the Aegean or Luxury Sailing Turkeyeastern Mediterranean. If so, or even if not, you might consider the 112-foot five-cabin Maltese-flag schooner Ecce Navigo, a luxury yacht sailing both Greece and Turkey, the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean, sailing from remote Dodecanese island to mid-Aegean Cyclades island, in the eastern Mediterranean cruising one of the world's last remaining tree-fringed coasts. Just as in the sixteenth century did the red-hulled, black-prowed, galleys of the Hospitaller Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, or Knights of Rhodes, later the Knights of Malta. Sortie-ing from Rhodes Town's middle harbor until 1523 and from Malta's Grand Harbor soon thereafter, these rejoinders to the galleys of Ottoman corsairs were captained by the likes of Jean Parisot de La Valette (depicted at left) and Mathurin d'Aux de Lescout-Romegas. Sailing in company and individually these two and a host of other Hospitallers wreaked havoc in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean on Ottoman galleys and laden merchantmen bound for Constantinople. So much havoc as to force Ottoman Sultan Suleiman's successful 1522 siege of Rhodes and his unsuccessful 1565 siege of Malta, the latter a siege defended by Valette as Grand Master with Romegas a principal lieutenant. The son of a Chevalier de France, Valette became a Knight Hospitaller in 1514, swearing chastity and abstinence at the age of 20. Eight years later he was among defenders at Rhodes resisting Suleiman's six-month siege, and was one of the wounded survivors accompanying Grand Master De L'Isle Adam in the evacuation. All Hospitallers served aboard the order's galleys as well as in the order's hospitals, and Valette was no exception in that regard. He was an exception in that during many of his years at Malta he owned and separately engaged two Maltese-flag galleys in corsair war, sometimes as captain and sometimes from afar. After forty illustrious years, Jean Parisot de la Valette was in 1554 made captain-general of the Hospitaller galley squadron. Three years later he was elected Grand Master. Considered one of the great seamen of the age, his own galliot San Giovanni was nevertheless captured off the coast of Tunisia in 1541 by several corsairs operating under the orders of Acsac Reis, including Abda Racman Kust Ali, a Turk from Anatolia. Sent to an Ottoman oar he was a year later exchanged for Ibrahim Reis, Kust Ali's father, a captive at Malta. Valette came out of his ordeal fluent in Arabic and Turkish as well as in Italian, Spanish, and his native French. It was in Turkish that La Valette addressed Kust Ali when, in a turn-about-is-fair-play, he in 1554 sent the latter to a Christian oar. A Gascon and offspring of minor nobility like Dumas Pere's d'Artagnan, Romegas became a Hospitaller in 1542 at the age of 14, achieving knighthood four years later. In the Spring of 1547 he was first dispatched to the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean where he began to make a name for himself aboard the Order's galleys. Then one night in the cold winter of 1554-55 came the event which was to shape his Hospitaller career. While at anchor in Malta's Grand Harbor a violent 7-hour storm capsized all four squadron galleys including Santa Fede aboard which he was embarked as second in command. Still in command of the Order's galleys, Valette and others investigated and responded to a tapping from within the overturned hull. Soon a ship's mascot, a monkey, emerged having exited through the stern deck-house door. Romegas, lieutenant to skipper Antoine de Thezan de Venasque, and several others followed. All had passed the night clinging to galley frames with water to their chins, and had reached the extreme limit of their strength. Upon emerging Romegas was blue in the face and trembling, and, according to one source, he trembled for the rest of his life. Valette was so impressed with Romegas's strength of character that the latter became a Valette protege, and in the years to follow Romegas was given command of the two aforementioned galleys the personal property of Valette. It was with one or both of these ships that Romegas made his corsair reputation, obtaining his first command upon election of Valette as grand master and with it tweaking the nose of the formidable Ottoman corsair Dragut along the North African coast. By 1560 he commanded Sailing Turkeyboth of Valette's galleys, Corona and San Gabriello. With them he for the next several years raided deep into the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean, capturing or sinking one Ottoman or Ottoman corsair warship after another. In July 1564 Romegas with the same two Valette galleys, in company with the regular Hospitaller squadron of five galleys, captured a heavily-armed Ottoman sultana (large galleon) with 200 embarked janissaries bound from Constantinople to Venice. Lost in the action was the Chief Black Eunuch of the sultan's seraglio as well as 80,000 gold ducats and other valuables. Perhaps more importantly, the former wet nurse for Suleiman's grown daughter Mihrimah was taken prisoner and died at Malta before she could be ransomed. This incident is said to have to have given rise to Mihrimah's offer to her father to fund the construction of 400 galleys for an invasion of Malta, and to have precipitated Suleiman's 1565 siege depicted above at which both Valette and Romegas were distinguished by their on-shore heroics. Romegas resumed his corsair activities almost immediately following the Siege of Malta. Described by the naval historian Stanley Lane-Poole as the prince of knights errant, and by Michel Fontenay as the stuff of legends, Mathurin d'Aux de Lescout-Romegas was ten years later himself made captain-general of Hospitaller galleys, but failed in a 1581 attempt at succession to the office of grand master. One abbreviated chapter at the crossroads of history. Come sail these crossroads yourself, breathe the aroma of pine-shrouded coves dotting Turkey's Turquoise Coast, bask under a gentle Aegean sun after swimming in its azure sea, join in the search for a perfect tsatziki, climb to an ancient acropolis re-fortified by these same Hospitallers, enjoy the luxury of a catered yacht charter sailing Greece and Turkey. Surely this is the holiday for which you search. Rare comfort under sun at the crossroads of history. Try it! You'll like it! Ecce Navigo, a superb crewed yacht available for luxury sailing in Greece and Turkey. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at