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Value Sailing Holiday Turkey

Tried and proven,
Gemibasi is a seaworthy veteran of the Aegean. Ketch-rigged she is 75-feet in length and has four air-conditioned guest cabins, one master and three doubles each with en suite water closet and each soundproofed within bulkheads of solid mahogany. A large and comfortable salon opens to an equally spacious quarterdeck featuring alfresco dining and lounging areas ideal for relaxation and camaraderie.

Value Sailing Holiday Greece Value Sailing Holiday Greece

Low Price Sailing Holiday Turkey


Year Built: 1991
Year Refit: 2008
Length: 75 ft
Beam: 20 ft
Draft: 10 ft
Sail Area: 1880 sq ft
Engine: 240 hp Iveco
Cruising Speed: 8 kts
Generator: 22 kva
Water Capacity: 1,300 gal
Fuel Capacity: 395 gal

VHF Radio-Telephone
Cell Phone
Navigation Suit
LCD TV w/DVD Player
Stereo Sound w/CD Player
Fish Finder
Fishing Tackle
Snorkeling Equipment
Tender with 9.9 hp Outboard
Fully Equipped Galley
Windsurfer, (2) Kayaks

Low Price Sailing Holiday Turkey

Value Sailing Holiday Greece Value Sailing Holiday Greece

Low Price Sailing Holiday Turkey

Low Price Sailing Holiday Greece

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning value sailing holidays in Turkey and Greece may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. You may be searching for a command vessel or flagship, because that's how Gemibasi translates from Turkish to English. Alternatively you may be searching for a gulet sailing holiday in Greece. Or for a gulet sailing holiday in Turkey, for a Value Sailing Turkeycrewed charter gulet cruising the Turquoise Coast of Turkey. But you're on a budget. You may be dreaming of a Blue Cruise, but one not too costly. You might wish to charter a sailing gulet to cruise among Aegean islands of Greece, avoiding money traps. Or you might wish to charter a crewed sailing yacht to cruise the southeast coast of Turkey where tourism hasn't quite caught on. Or you might wish for more than one of the above. Do you already plan to holiday in Greece or Turkey? With your family? Or with a group of friends? Why not holiday aboard a comfortable sailing yacht with low-cost high-value accommodations for eight guests. Room for family or friends or for family and friends. A seaworthy yacht cruising the Aegean from Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus, once home to Mausolus, god-king of Caria. During his reign Mausolus was on a mission, the mission to create lasting monuments to his 24-year rule. That rule ended upon his death in 353 BC. But earlier he had relocated his capital from inland Mylasa to Value Sailing TurkeyHalicarnassus on the sea, then famous mostly as the birthplace of Herodotus. There he paved streets in marble, built a magnificent temple dedicated to Ares, God of War, improved the natural harbor with breakwaters and a hidden arsenal, built himself palatial living quarters overlooking the harbor, improved a grand theater in the hills above the city, and surrounded the entirety with magnificent walls some still standing. But his vision was even larger. He expanded his kingdom at the expense of neighbors and endowed his new territories with similar monuments. His walls may still be seen at Knidos, Nisiros, and Caunos as well as at Halicarnassus. Finally, though, he planned his own monumental tomb, and upon his death his wife and sister Artemisia The Younger ensured its construction by employment of the most prominent architects, artisans, and sculptors of the day. Architects Satyros and Pythius of neighboring Priene designed the 148-foot edifice, while Leochares of Athens, Bryaxis, Scopas of Paros, and Timotheus of Epidaurus each adorned one side with sculptures in full and in bas-relief. Crowned by a four-horse quadriga or chariot with two occupants, the result depicted above was selected by Antipater of Sidon as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This Wonder looked over Halicarnassus for a millennia and a half before its undermining by earthquake some time between a visit by Eustathius of Thessaloniki in the 12th Century and arrival of the Hospitaller Knights of Saint John in 1407. To these monks in armor the tomb's ruins yielded much of the stone needed to enclose their new castle of Saint Peter, a castle preserved in its entirety for visitors today. But until arrival of British archaeologist Charles Thomas Newton in 1852 some part of the tomb remained underground while evidence of Knight activity disappeared under alluvial soil brought down by rain. Newton had to start afresh. Relying upon descriptions by Pliny The Elder and others he painstakingly explored more likely sites until in 1856 discovering foundations and sculpture fragments. He then purchased property after property until he had in his possession all of the land within walls of the sacred enclosure. For more than another year he dug and tunneled. The exquisitely sculpted statue at the above-right now in possession of the British Museum was pieced together with sixty-five of his fragments, and Newton identified it as that of Mausolus tumbled down from the chariot. He similarly found fragments Value Sailing Turkeyof a second statue of similar quality and size which he identified as that of a goddess in the chariot escorting Mausolus to heaven. This figure, however, may well be that of Artemisia, a goddess as Mausolus was a god, who died before completion of the monumental tomb. Said to have been devoted to Mausolus and despondent at his death, it may have been she who escorted Mausolus to heaven. To ponder this question and others, and to see Bodrum's plentiful evidence of ancient and medieval history, come aboard Gemibasi in her home port and let her skipper be your guide. Charles Newton, depicted at left, did not confine his architectural interest to Halicarnassus, but rather combed much of southwestern Turkey and offshore islands now Greek but Ottoman in his day. His findings have been published in two volumes as Travels and Discoveries in the Levant and are available from Amazon for edification and reading pleasure as well as for guides in your travels aboard Gemibasi. Newton returned to the British Museum in 1861 as Keeper of the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities. Knighted in 1887 he remained with the British Museum until the age of 70 after which he went on to publish essays on archaeology. So, are you even now searching for Bodrum in Turkey? For nearby Rhodes or Kos in Greece? Well, come aboard Gemibasi, a charter sailing yacht offering holiday cruises at a reasonable price. Come aboard for a value holiday with an experienced crew able to show you Mausolus's routes to Kos and Nisiros, Artemisia's paths down the coast of Turkey to Rhodes, and Charles Newton's routes from Knidos to Kalymnos to Lesbos and points in between and beyond. Come enjoy a low cost gulet sailing holiday in Greece and Turkey. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at