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Cruising Croatia

Gideon is a 105-foot three-masted fore-and-aft rigged barquentine.
Built by Anatolian shipwrights in Turkey, she is an oak-framed, pine and mahogany planked, teak and mahogany finished motor-sailer. Cruising from Split, she takes up to sixteen guests in six double and
two triple-berth cabins for holiday excursions along Croatia's Dalmatian Coast and among nearby islands.
Her galley serves an haute cuisine de fruits de mer.

Cruising Dalmatian Coast Cruising Croatia

Cruising Croatia

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 1997, Refit: 2003
LOA: 105 ft
LOD: 88 ft
Beam: 23 ft
Draft: 10 ft
Sail Area: 4,700 sq ft
Engine: 324 hp M.A.N.
Maximum Speed: 9 kts
Cruising Speed: 6 kts

Six Double & Two Triple
En-suite Cabins
Large Salon
Indoor and Outdoor Dining
Sun Mattresses
Quarterdeck Protected by Sun Awning
Foredeck Seating
Separate Crew Quarters

Marine Air Conditioning
Television w/DVD Player
CD Stereo System
Tender w/25 hp Outboard
Inflatable Kayak
Towed Floats
Two Generators
Refrigerator, Deep Freeze
Ice Maker

Cruising Dalmatian Coast

Cruising Croatia Cruising Dalmatian Coast

Cruising Croatia

Cruising Dalmatian Coast Cruising Croatia

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Cruising Dlamtian Coast

Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning yachts cruising Croatia's Dalmatian Coast and offshore islands may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. We imagine you are searching for a yacht cruising Croatian Dalmatia and among nearby islands. There is little other reason for Google to send you to this web page. Unless, of course, you are searching for Gideon of Manasses, Saint Gideon to Orthodox and Roman Catholics, who liberated the people of Israel from the tyranny of Midianites. In that event you would best have reference to the Book of Judges in the Hebrew Scriptures. This web page deals not with Gideon the warrior but rather with the motor-sailing yacht Gideon, a three-masted fore-and-aft-rigged Cruising Croatiabarquentine conducting holiday cruises out of Split, Croatia, along that country's Dalmatian Coast and among its nearby islands. So, we imagine you are contemplating a yacht charter cruising coastal Dalmatia and are looking for alternatives. Should your group, a book or bridge club, for example, or a group from your golf or country club, or even your family, extended or otherwise, number more than twelve, you should consider the 105-foot eight-cabin motor-sailer Gideon. She cruises the best part of Dalmatia, the original Dalmatia inhabited by Queen Teuta's Dalmatae Tribe of Illyrian pirates, and Gideon's experienced crew is known to locals at every stop, stops such as Vis and Korcula later strongholds harboring Croatian pirates. And those local contacts can help you enjoy your holiday to the fullest. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. All of coastal Croatia, better known to history as Dalmatia, was a part of ancient Illyria until the coming of the Romans in the third century BC. The Romans came, it might be noted, to put an end to piratical raids by Illyrians of Queen Teuta, raids which torched parts of southern Italy. For a description of the verbal exchange between Teuta and Rome's ambassadors, click here. Roman rule in its turn ended with the arrival of Ostro-Goths and Slavs in the fifth and sixth centuries, the latter including Croats and Serbs. These northern and eastern peoples were in turn subjected to Byzantine rule in the seventh century and for much of the three centuries to follow rule was sometimes by one and sometimes by the other. The Republic of Venice assumed control of much of Dalmatia beginning in the year 1000 (the twin maps on this page depict Venetian rule in red, the upper map dated AD 1000 and the lower map dated AD 1500) when Doge Pietro Orseolo subjugated the Croatian pirates of Vis, Korcula, and Lastovo. Venice remained Cruising Dalmatian Coastin control for most of eight hundred years before Bonaparte forced her to cede Dalmatia to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Gulf of Kotor on Croatia's border with Montenegro thereafter headquartered the Austrian Navy through World War I. Montenegro had meanwhile developed a will to and did resist outsiders as an independent or semi-independent entity and remains so today. What about it? Wouldn't you like to have a holiday with friends and family aboard a charter yacht cruising leisurely through Adriatic history? Cruising to Trogir, an architecturally-medieval waypoint proximate to Split and even more proximate to Split's airport. Or would you not wish to have a holiday cruising by way of Brac to medieval Hvar with its striking architecture. And cruising further, to Vis and Korcula, the latter birthplace in 1254 to Marco Polo and where in 1571, the men having fled, the women of the city took to the walls to beat off Ottoman corsair Kara Khodja (for more on Kara Khodja, click here). Are you even now searching for Split? For nearby Trogir? Well, they are north and a bit west of Dubrovnik and are served by Split International Airport (SPU). There or elsewhere we can put you aboard a crewed motor-sailing yacht for the holiday of a lifetime. We can put you aboard a charter yacht with an experienced crew able to show you the Kornati National Park of pristine islands as well as the inland waterways of Sibenik, able to show you the seaside palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, himself a Dalmatian, able to show you earlier haunts of ancient Illyria at a time of war with Alexander's Macedonia. Gideon, a most hospitable crewed motor-sailing barquentine available for charter in Dalmatia. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at