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Additional Motor-Sailers

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Motor-Sailer Length Guests Cabins Air Condition
Margarita 109' 18 9 Yes
Doruk Reis 90' 16 8 Yes
Akana 105' 14 7 Yes
Mojo 78' 14 7 Yes
Mare Nostrum 140' 12 6 Yes
Kayhan Kaptan 125' 12 6 Yes
Amazon Solo 105' 12 6 Yes
Prenses Gelidonya 98' 12 6 Yes
Alize 92' 12 6 Yes
Ayse Emre 92' 12 6 Yes
Burc-u Zafer 89' 12 6 Yes
Nostalgija 82' 12 6 Yes
Ipek A 79' 12 6 Yes
Sardunya 65' 12 6 No
Carmina 105' 10 5 Yes
Xenos III 98' 10 5 Yes
Surgun d 87' 10 5 Yes
Peri 82' 10 5 Yes
Ariva III 75' 10 5 Yes
Laguna 91' 8 4 Yes
Irina 72' 8 4 Yes
Akin A 67' 8 4 Yes
Miralay Barbaros 57' 8 4 No
Nostalgia 61' 6 3 No

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This page last updated on 05/08/2015

Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning motor sailing yachts for charter in Turkey and Greece may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. This addendum page features a selection of motor-sailing yachts which may be found on charter in the eastern Mediterranean including the Aegean and Adriatic. Other motor-sailers may be found by clicking on "Return To Gulet Summary" above. These motor-sailing gulets are mostly on yacht charter in Turkey. But gulets are increasingly on yacht charter in Greece and Croatia. Crewed charter gulets are sailing Turkey, Greece, and Croatia at least six months each year. Crewed gulets are ideal platforms for family holidays and for group holidays as there are usually at least four guest cabins and often as many as eight guest cabins. Smaller gulets with two or three guest cabins, usually called tirhandils because of their double-ender design, are appropriate for honeymoons. Crewed gulets go cruising in Greece, Turkey, and Croatia, in Greece among both Dodecanese Islands and among Aegean Cyclades, in Turkey along the Turquoise Coast between Kusadasi and Antalya, in Croatia along the Dalmatian Coast and the coast of Montenegro. Most Greek island cruises begin and end in Turkey, entering and leaving Greece through clearing ports at Rhodes, Kos, and Simi (Symi). Most Turquoise Coast charters begin at either Bodrum or Gocek and end at one or the other. Dubrovnik and Split are usually the ports of Croatian embarkation. Blue Cruise Yacht Charters is able to customize itineraries to any group's preferences. Along Alexander's Path, following Cleopatra's Route, Aegean Odysseys among Dodecanese Islands and into mid-Aegean Cyclades, and through the Adriatic. We can put you aboard a crewed motor sailing yacht for the holiday of a lifetime. We can put you aboard a charter motor-sailer with an experienced crew able to show you all of the eastern Mediterranean. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at