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Italy And The Tyrrhenian

Charter Yacht Sailing Italy

Schooner-rigged Lady Christa
is 88 feet in length and carries a full suit of sails. She is air-conditioned throughout
while each cabin is sound-isolated within solid bulkheads. When not sailing
the quarterdeck is shaded for alfresco dining and camaraderie.

Rental Yacht Sailing Italy Charter Yacht Sailing Italy


Year Built: 1997
Year Refit: 2010
L.O.A.: 88 ft
Beam: 21 ft
Draft: 9 ft
Sail Area: 3,120 sq ft
Engine: 380 hp M.A.N. Marine
Generator: 17 kva Onan
Cruising Speed: 10 kts
Fuel Consumption: 12 gal/hr
Water Capacity: 1,580 gal
Fuel Capacity: 790 gal

The comfortably appointed salon affords generous views and an alternative dining venue.


Accommodations for guests consist of five large cabins, one master, one double, and three twin, each with dressing table or settee. All have en-suite bathrooms and individual air-conditioning units; three have LCD television and
DVD player.

VHF Radio-Telephone
TV with DVD Players
Stereophonic Music
Refrigerator/Deep Freeze
Deck Shower
Fishing Tackle
Snorkeling Equipment
Tender with Outboard
Water Skiing Tender &
60 hp Outboard
Windsurfer and Kayak
Snorkeling Equipment

Rental Yacht Italy

Rental Yacht Sailing Italy Charter Yacht Sailing Italy

Lady Christa has the space and comfort associated with larger yachts,
including uncluttered decks and abundant sunning and lounging area.
A large shaded and cushioned quarterdeck provides outdoor comfort and alfresco dining.

Charter Yacht Sailing Italy Rental Yacht Sailing Italy

Rental Yacht Italy

Rental Yacht Italy

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning charter yacht sailing in Italy and the Tyrrhenian may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. You may simply be searching for a charter yacht. Or you may be searching for a lady named Christa. Or for a holiday in Italy. If any of these, you have come to the right place. This web page deals with a crewed charter yacht sailing Italy, with a lady of the sea cruising the Tyrrhenian coasts of Sicily and Sardinia as well as the coast of mainland Italy and among the islands in between. This Lady Christa can take you on a holiday or honeymoon sail along the crossroads of history, from the Pontine Islands to Ischia and Capri, from the Aeolian Islands to haunts of the rich and famous, perhaps by way of the Gulf of Gaeta where in 1535 one of the famous, Kheir-ed-Din Barbarossa, put in for rest and relaxation. Kheir-ed-Din was a ladies man among other distinctions. Charter Yacht Sailing ItalyWhile in Gaeta he is reported to have "loaded his ships with wives and maidens." It is also reported that while his ships and their cargo rested at Gaeta he attempted to kidnap Giulia Gonzaga then resident in the town of Fondi a few miles up the coast. Descended from one of Italy's more prestigious families, celebrated by painters and poets, a lady of royal blood, Giulia Gonzaga was said to be the most beautiful woman in Italy. Barbarossa failed in his attempt only because this fair maiden escaped bare on a barebacked stallion in the middle of the night. But he was more fortunate nine years later when he did kidnap another Italian beauty. Eighteen year-old Flavia Gaetani was the daughter of the governor of Reggio Calabria and an accomplished musician. One or the other, beauty or accomplishment, proved captivating. They soon wed. And following the wedding they honeymooned along the southern coast of Italy and among Greek Aegean islands. Honeymoon, anniversary, or otherwise, you might like to charter a sailing yacht to cruise Italy's scenic Amalfi coast. From celebrated Positano to celebrated Sorrento. You might like to sail further south to Poseidonia and its three Doric temples dedicated to Zeus's wife Hera and to Athena, and even further south to a natural whirlpool the work of Scylla and Charybdis, those two monsters barely avoided by Odysseus returning from Troy. And by Cleopatra who passed this way in 46 BC en route to Rome to appear before the Roman Senate. And perhaps to appear before Octavian, adopted son of Julius Caesar. And by Octavian who passed this same way in 31 BC with a large fleet of galleys seeking Cleopatra and her friend Antony. And finding them at Actium in western Greece. Yes, come aboard Lady Christa, a proper charter yacht offering a holiday merging past and present. Come aboard a charter yacht with an experienced crew able to show you Cleopatra's route from Messina to Ostia, able to show you Kheir-ed-Din Barbarossa's many tracks from Corsica and the Tuscan islands to Palermo. And able to discuss the few men in Cleopatra's life and the large number of women in Barbarossa's. A proper crewed yacht available for charter at Porto Ercole and elsewhere in Italy. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at