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Levent Kaptan
Turkey And Greece

Charter Yacht Sailing Turkey

This Bodrum Cup winner is an oak-framed, chestnut-hulled, staysail schooner
commissioned in 1998 and refitted in 2004. She has a high rounded stern, broad teak decks, and an interior appointed in mahogany. Under sail this charter yacht sailing Turkey and Greece is capable of delivering a superb performance, and at anchor she has all the necessary amenities to keep even the most active of charter guests entertained. Levent Kaptan is laid out to comfortably accommodate a party of ten guests in one master and four double cabins. Each cabin is attractively furnished and has its own bathroom.
The crew of four is accommodated separately.

Charter Yacht Sailing Greece Charter Yacht Sailing Greece

Accommodations for guests
consist of four comfortable double cabins, three with double and single beds, as well as a master suite all five having dressing table and en-suite bathroom. Individual air-conditioning units are fitted in all cabins, and each cabin is soundproofed within mahogany-paneled walls. The wheelhouse salon opens to the quarterdeck and affords panoramic views as well as inside dining.

Charter Yacht Sailing Greece Charter Yacht Sailing Greece

Charter Yacht Sailing Turkey

Charter Yacht Sailing Greece Charter Yacht Sailing Turkey

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 1998, Refit: 2004
Length: 92 feet
Beam: 22 feet
Draft: 12 feet
Displacement: 132,000 lbs
Main Engine: 446 hp Caterpillar
Generators: (2) 220v Onan
Water Tanks: 1,850 gal
Fuel Tanks: 1,060 gal
Cruising Speed: 11 knots
Crew: 4
Charter Yacht Sailing Turkey Equipment:

VHF & MobileTelephones
Television with DVD Player
CD Stereo System
Dinghy with Outboard
(2) Kayaks
Snorkeling Equipment
Fishing Tackle
Speed Boat w/60 hp Motor
Water Skis
Fully Equipped Galley

Charter Yacht Sailing Turkey

Charter Yacht Sailing Turkey

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning charter yachts sailing Turkey and Greece may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. You must be searching for a charter yacht sailing holiday in Greece, or for a charter yacht sailing Turkey, perhaps for a charter yacht sailing holiday cruising the Turquoise Coast of Turkey. You may be dreaming of a Blue Cruise along the coast of Turkey with visits to Greek Aegean islands. Or you may be dreaming of a sail at the crossroads of history. Well, you have found an oak-framed, teak-decked, mahogany-appointed charter yacht doing all of these things in comfort. A charter yacht on Blue Cruise in the eastern Mediterranean. Cruising among Aegean islands of Greece. Cruising along the pine-clad coast of Turkey. Sailing through history at the crossroads of history. And in the event you weren't thinking before of a charter yacht sailing Turkey and Greece, think about it now. Think about a crewed sailing yacht with accommodations for five couples. Think about the charter sailing yacht Levent Kaptan. One of the first Levent kaptans to sail the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean was an Ottoman corsair with Greek antecedents. Aruj was his name, son of Yakub, and he was eldest of six children born to Yakub on the Aegean island of Lesbos. The father was a Christian-born Greek or Albanian conscripted as a child into the Ottoman standing army of janissaries. The mother Katerina was a native of Lesbos Greek through and through. Four of the six children were boys, two later known as Barbarossa, Aruj the first. Born about 1473, Aruj got his sea legs fishing the waters off Lesbos and roaming afield aboard his father's lateen-rigged caique, and he came of age at a time of Greek Orthodox angst with Latins of Rome, a time recalling the 1204 Latin rape of Constantinople and the continuing Latin occupation of Greek Aegean islands. Motivated by a wish to improve his circumstances at the expense of Latins, he migrated at an early age to Alexandria where the Mamluk sultans of Egypt were supporting corsair activity in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean. It was in Mamluk service that he became an accomplished sea captain and scourge of the Latin Aegean, his victims Venetians and Genovese, seafarers and stay-at-homes. Commissioned and financed by Mamluk Sultans Janbalat and al-Ghawri, Aruj went from Lesbos caique to command of a galliot with 18 oars to a side, and from command of a galliot to command of several galliots. Operating out of Alexandria, he rested his crews between forays among the small islands just south of Naxos in the Cyclades, and from these islands preyed on everything Venetian including Naxos and neighboring Paros, nearby Ios and Santorini, and the larger Venetian island of Crete among others, doing so much damage and growing so much bolder that he came to the attention of and was employed by the Ottoman poet-prince Korkud, son of Sultan Beyazid II. It was aboard a galliot in 1498 service to Korkud that Aruj and two of his brothers, Ilyas and Khizr, ran afoul of Nostra Signora della Concezione, a huge red-hulled, black-prowed, two-masted Charter Yacht Sailing Turkeygalley of the Latin Hospitaller Knights of Rhodes, Pierre d'Aubusson's flagship. Ilyas did not survive the encounter. Khizr was imprisoned in a tower of the Knight's castle at Petronium (Bodrum). And on his 25th birthday Aruj found himself chained to a Hospitaller galley bench, a circumstance substantially aggravating his life-long discomfort with things Latin. Ransomed by Korkud in the Spring of 1503 and outfitted with two more galliots, Aruj was soon exacting vengeance in the Latin Aegean, raiding Latin islands and waylaying Latin merchant shipping. But by 1503 Latin pickings in the Aegean had become less attractive than those in the western Mediterranean. And so Aruj Barbarossa moved on to even greater reward, that year seizing the island of Djerba in Tunisia. From Djerba and later Tunis he and brother Khizr raided the Amalfi Coast and Italy's offshore islands as well as the coast of Spain and shipping in between, in 1504 taking near Elba two large Papal galleys similar to that depicted at left commanded by Paolo Vettori of the Florence family of state and churchmen now famous for their violins. The ransom demanded was 200,000 gold ducats. Each year it was more of the same. By 1510 Aruj Barbarossa and his brother commanded ten fast galliots and had achieved a remarkable presence from Djerba to Algiers. Six years and at least one return to Lesbos later Aruj founded the kingdom of Algiers and became its ruler in service to Ottoman Sultan Selim I, brother of the poet-prince. The Ottoman Empire was on its way to century-long rule of the Middle Sea. So come sail the crossroads of history with another Levent Kaptan. Holiday in style and comfort aboard a prestigious yacht also a fast sailer. Sail from pine-encircled blue-water cove to remote Aegean island. Proceed leisurely from fascinating locale to historical locale. Cruise among Venetian Cyclades as did the early Levent kaptans. Starting in Bodrum. Are you searching for Bodrum, Petronium, in Turkey? Well, it and its castle are eleven nautical miles NE of Greek Kos Town on the north shore of the Ceramic Gulf. There or elsewhere we can put you aboard a charter yacht with an experienced crew able to show you tracks left by Aruj Barbarossa as well as tracks left by other Levent kaptans all over the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean. Levent Kaptan, a superb charter yacht sailing Greece and Turkey in comfort. And knowledgeable, as well, of local history. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at