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Miss Charlotte
Cruising Turkey

Motor Yacht Cruising Turkey

Miss Charlotte is a yacht aboard which guests are treated like royalty.
Convivial and designed for entertaining, this wonderful steel-hulled motor cruiser was launched in 1999. Her two guest cabins and pilot house salon are superbly finished in varnished mahogany complemented by green-leather furnishings. Charlotte is a statement in elegant living, impressing all who come aboard.
Roomy guest cabins on the lower deck are complemented by en-suite bathing and tasteful appointments.

Motor Yacht Cruising Turkey Motor Yacht Cruising Turkey

An inviting salon opens to the main deck and offers panoramic views as well as inside dining.

Motor Yacht Cruising Turkey Motor Yacht Cruising Turkey

Accommodations for guests consist of two relatively large double cabins
each with en-suite bathroom. Individual air-conditioning units are fitted in both cabins,
while the two cabins are isolated one from the other by the intervening salon.

Motor Yacht Cruising Turkey Motor Yacht Cruising Turkey Motor Yacht Cruising Turkey

Technical Specifications:

Built: 1999
Length: 49 ft
Beam: 16.5 ft
Draft: 3.2 ft
Displacement: 50,000 lbs
Engine: 310 hp MAN
Maximum Speed: 10 knots
Cruising Speed: 7 knots
Water Tanks: 160 gal
Fuel Tanks: 260 gal

VHF Radio-Telephone
Mobile Telephone
Stereo-Cassette & CD Player
Dinghy with Outboard Engine
Swimming Ladders
Snorkeling & Fishing Gear
Refrigerators & Freezer
Bow Thruster

Motor Yacht Cruising Turkey

Motor Yacht Cruising Turkey Motor Yacht Cruising Turkey

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