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Crewed Motor Sailer
Greece And Turkey

Motor Sailer Chartering Greece

This solid wooden sailing yacht
built in Bodrum, Turkey, is oak framed and teak decked.
Furnishings are practical and comfortable, leaving ample area for relaxation as well as space for guests to maneuver. The upper deck is clutter-free and incorporates awnings where appropriate. The crew is professional and accomplished, and the galley serves a fine Turkish cuisine.

Crewed Motor Sailer Chartering Turkey Crewed Motor Sailer Chartering Turkey


Five en suite cabins (2 master,
2 twin, and 1 double).
Large salon.
Indoor and outdoor dining.
Ten sun mattresses on foredeck and cushioned
afterdeck both protected by sun awnings.
Separate crew quarters.

Technical Specifications:

Launched: 2001, Refit: 2005
Length: 79 ft
Beam: 20 ft
Engines: (2) 210 hp Iveco
Generator: 24 kva AKSA
Water Tanks: 1,850 gal
Fuel Tanks: 660 gal
Sail Area: 1,935 sq ft
Cruising Speed: 9 kts


Marine Air Conditioner.
Windsurfer & Kayak.
Water Skis.
Tender with 70 hp Outboard.
Snorkel and Fishing Tackle.
VHF Radio-Telephone.
TV and Stereo Music System.
Fully Equipped Galley.
Deep Freeze.

Motor Sailer Chartering Greece

Crewed Motor Sailer Chartering Turkey Crewed Motor Sailer Chartering Turkey

Crewed Motor Sailer Chartering Turkey Crewed Motor Sailer Chartering Turkey

Crewed Motor 
Sailer Chartering Greece

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning crewed motor-sailers chartering Greece and Turkey may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. This page deals with a crewed motor-sailer chartering in Greece and Turkey, with a gulet on crewed charter among Aegean islands of Greece and along the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean shores of Turkey. This page deals with Blue Cruises in Turkey and Greece, with yacht charters along Turkey's Turquoise Coast, exploring that pine-clad shore from isolated clear-water cove to isolated clear-water cove. This page deals with sailing in Greece, with cruising azure sea between one remote Greek island and the next, between one blue and white caique harbor and the next. So should you be searching for some or all of these things, welcome to a web page concerning a crewed motor-sailer with accommodations for ten guests. A gulet with green sail covers rather than blue, green the color of the House of Osman rather than Fort Lauderdale's favorite. Which is a bit strange because the only Peri with whom history is acquainted had serious problems with the House of Osman. Or perhaps it was more vice versa. Notwithstanding the problems of Peri Reis (not the cartographer and Ottoman admiral Piri Reis), how about chartering a crewed gulet called Peri to cruise the gulf-indented coast of Turkish Caria and among nearby Greek Dodecanese islands, or to sail in the wake of Peri Reis along the shores of ancient Aeolis and Ionia on the Turkish coast below the Dardanelles. While you holiday. While you holiday with family or friends or both aboard a crewed gulet cruising the west coast of Turkey. Or while you have a group holiday aboard a crewed gulet proceeding leisurely from enchanting Greek locale to historic Greek locale. Peri Reis cruised these waters for the eighteen years between his first appearance in history to his death in 1535. He also cruised the Greek Cyclades in mid-Aegean. Reis means captain, corsair sea captain, in this instance, and Peri Reis was a freelancing corsair sea captain who in 1517 rebelled against Ottoman (Osman) Gulet Charter TurkeySultan Selim I, Selim the Grim, one month after the sultan's conquest of Mameluke Egypt. Strange timing, you might think! Tweaking the nose of a victorious sultan! That's him on the white stallion. The victorious sultan. Not a nose to be tweaked. Together with fellow rebels Bronzus and Suleiman Tachialis, Peri Reis in October 1517 descended on the Genovese island of Chios then enjoying the protection of Sultan Selim, made a pact with Genovese authorities, and kidnapped 400 resident Turks whom Peri intended to sell into slavery. Departing Chios his group of 24 galleys and galliots moved on to Mitilene, Ottoman since 1462, and threatened a galley anchored there carrying Alvise Mocenigo, a Venetian ambassador en route from Alexandria to Constantinople. An Ottoman galley! You, too, can cruise among these islands now Greek. And along the adjacent coast of ancient Aeolis. Now Turkish. And south past Turkish Ionia to Turkish Caria. Why did Peri Reis menace a Venetian ambassador embarked on an Ottoman galley en route from Ottoman Alexandria to Ottoman Constantinople? History suggests he hoped to profit by his aggressiveness. But he did nothing at the time, instead moving on to plunder Ottoman Euboea and Ottoman Attica. But fourteen months after threatening Mocenigo at Mitilene Peri Reis was found lurking in the sea lane between Chios and Tenedos hoping to intercept the same individual again embarked in an Ottoman hull and again headed for Constantinople. Did Peri Reis know something?!? History does not tell us what Peri Reis knew. History does tell us that Alvise Mocenigo had in 1517 negotiated a capitulation with Sultan Selim under which Venice was obligated to pay Turkey 40,000 gold ducats representing five years of annual tribute from the island of Cyprus formerly payable to conquered Mameluke Egypt. It seems a good guess this is what Peri Reis knew or suspected. Unfortunately for both Peri Reis and for the Ottoman Porte, Venice failed to pay in either 1517 or 1518, and so this corsair captain had to do without. Are you searching for Mitilene in Greece? Well, Mitilene is the old name for Lesbos and the current name for the principal town on that island. Peri, not Peri Reis, can take you there for a holiday not to be forgotten. Blue Cruise Yacht Charters can put you aboard a motor-sailer with an experienced crew able to show you Peri Reis's many tracks near the Dardanelles, between the Dardanelles and Antalya, and between Rhodes and the Morea crisscrossing the Aegean. Would you not like to cruise this crossroads of history? Sailing azure tracks of Ottoman sea captains? Would you not like to sail in the wake of corsairs, Muslim and Christian? From pine-shrouded cove to remote Aegean island? Of course you would! Do it aboard Peri, a handsome motor-sailer on crewed charter in Turkey and Greece. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at