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Motor Sailing Gulet
Greece And Turkey

Motor Sailing Gulet Chartering Greece

This recently-renovated motor sailing gulet chartering Greece and Turkey
is a value-conscious alternative to new and larger yachts of similar capacity. Oak-framed, pine-planked, and teak-decked, her furnishings are practical and comfortable. The upper deck incorporates awnings where appropriate, while the crew is professional and accomplished. The galley serves an inviting Turkish cuisine.

Motor Sailing Gulet Chartering Greece

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 1995
Year Refit: 2011
Length: 65 ft
Beam: 17 ft
Engine: 300 hp Cummins
Water Tanks: 790 gal
Fuel Tanks: 395 gal
Cruising Speed: 8 knots.


Six double cabins
All having en-suite water closets
with shower and electric toilets.
Comfortable wheelhouse salon.
Separate crew quarters.


VHF & Mobile Telephones
GPS Navigation
Color Television w/DVD Player
Stereo System w/CD Player
Fully Equipped Galley
Windsurfer and Kayak
Fishing & Snorkeling Gear
Tender w/Outboard.

Motor Sailing Gulet Chartering Greece

Motor Sailing Gulet Chartering Turkey

Gulet Chartering Greece

Motor Sailing Gulet Chartering Greece

Gulet Chartering Turkey

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning motor sailing gulets chartering Greece and Turkey may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. You must be searching for a motor sailing gulet chartering Greece or Turkey. There are not many other searches which would bring you to this web page. Unless, Motor Sailing Gulet Chartering Turkeyof course, you are searching for a Turkish geranium, sardunya, one of the most popular decorative plants for both indoor and outdoor use in Anatolia. If so, sorry, we can be of little assistance. Or unless you are searching for Sardinia, Sardunya, geranium with an upper-case S. If so, we may be able to give you a bit of background. But what we first have here is information concerning a vintage wooden gulet built at and operating out of Bodrum, Turkey, ancient Halikarnassus at the crossroads of history, a vintage pine-planked and pine-appointed wooden motor-sailer cruising the Lykian and Carian coasts of Turkey and among Aegean islands of eastern Greece. With six cabins and three crew this Sardunya caters principally to extended families and to church and club groups. But she is available to other guests as few as six in number each requiring his or her own cabin with en suite water closet. Sardinia, by the way, that is, the Kingdom of Sardinia, came to the aid of the Ottoman Empire during the Crimean War of 1853-1857 when Imperial Russia not for the first time sought to expand at Ottoman expense. This aid may have been inspiration for the naming of Sardunya. Britain also came to help thwart Russian ambition as Alfred Lord Tennyson helps us remember with his Charge of the Light Brigade. But in that memorable work he failed to mention Sardinians present to the number of 18,000 under General Alfonso La Marmora. The Kingdom of Sardinia was successor to the Duchy of Savoy, Sardinia's acquisition by the latter in 1720 enabling Duke Victor Amadeus II of Savoy to become a king. Following 1793's guillotining of Louis XVI, however, the young Republic of France that same year attempted to seize the Kingdom of Sardinia as depicted in blue at left, dispatching 23 year-old Lieutenant Colonel Napoleone Di Buonaparte from his native Corsica to take the island itself. He was not successful, repulsed at the Battle of La Maddelena by a resourceful Domenico Millelire of the Royal Sardinian Navy together with a handful of local citizens. With that reprieve and Motor Sailing Gulet Chartering Turkeyconsiderable economic development in the decades to follow the Kingdom of Sardinia prospered and by the time of the Crimean War was a principal player among European powers. When Russians besieged at Sevastopol attempted to break out at the Battle of the Tchernaya River, they were turned back by entrenched French, Sardinian, and Ottoman forces at a cost of 8,000 Russian dead and wounded. The victors are depicted in the oil on canvas at right; that's a mounted La Marmora saluting his troops. Sevastopol fell three weeks later. Among the survivors was Count Leo Tolstoy. He had observed the senseless slaughter at Tchernaya and later penned his only known musical composition reflecting his disgust. The satiric song subsequently became popular with Russian rank and file. The Kingdom of Sardinia went on in March 1860 to absorb most other Italian states and became the Kingdom of Italy. Victor Emmanuele II, sixth generation offspring of Victor Amadeus II, then became King of Italy. Alfonso La Marmora again depicted at left below with Giuseppi Garibaldi, also of Sardinia, became Italy's Prime Minister in September 1864. Domenico Millelire did not live to see Italian unification, dying a revered hero of natural causes in 1828 in his home at La Maddelena. Neither did Napoleone Di Buonaparte live to see it, dying of natural causes seven years earlier on the remote south Atlantic island of St. Helena. Gulet Chartering GreeceYou may ponder the significance of this bit of history while cruising the Turkish coast or among neighboring Aegean islands of Greece which were Ottoman during the Crimean War but which were seized in 1912 by the Kingdom of Italy then ruled by Victor Emmanuele III, demonstrating if nothing else that a friend today may be something else tomorrow. Should you be considering a motor sailing gulet charter holiday with children, what better classroom than a gulet with after-class accommodations for twelve guests cruising the crossroads of history. Like the motor sailing gulet Sardunya. What would your children think about a crewed gulet sailing the wakes of corsairs and crusaders. Or the wakes of Antony and Cleopatra. Or the wakes of late Bronze Age traders. Among Bronze Age traders going down off our Lykian shore, one was an early Phoenician sailing vessel dated to about 1200 BC carrying a cargo of bronze scrap and copper ingots from Cyprus to ports unknown. Excavated 3200 years later, some of its treasure was transported to the Crusader Castle of St. Peter in Bodrum where it is now on display. How about a class excursion from Sardunya to a castle partly constructed of marble blocks from the monumental tomb of Mausolus of Caria, his tomb one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Phoenician trader, it might be observed to the class, was engaged in the recycling of bronze. She was one of the first known ecofriendlies, while the excavation of her cargo beginning in 1960 taught us that Homer's references to Phoenicians at the time of Troy were not erroneous as some had thought, that Phoenicians were in the Aegean at that time, that Lykians and Carians and Ionian Greeks were then or not long afterward exposed to and adopted much of the Phoenician alphabet. Would you like to cruise this same area? While you holiday? Would you like to have an extended family holiday aboard a crewed motor-sailing gulet cruising the Lykian and Carian coasts of Turkey? Or to have a group holiday aboard a charter gulet proceeding leisurely from one enchanting locale to another? Are you searching for Bodrum in Turkey? Mausolus's Halikarnassus? Well, try Google Maps. Bodrum is eleven nautical miles NNE of Kos Town on the north shore of the Ceramic Gulf just where the coast of Turkey turns from north-south to east-west. There or elsewhere we can put you aboard a motor-sailing gulet with an experienced crew able to show you the the coast of Turkey, to show you Cleopatra's routes up the coasts of Lykia and Caria and among nearby Greek islands. Sardunya, a vintage motor sailing gulet chartering Greece and Turkey and knowledgeable of local history. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at