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Charter Cruising Turkey

Designed and built by Chantier Naval de Saint-Christoly on the west coast of France,
this 57-foot ketch-rigged sailing yacht was launched in 1983 and has for many years cruised Turkey and Greece. She has three guest cabins, two with double beds and one with twin beds, sharing two bathrooms.
The crew has separate quarters.

Charter Cruising Turkey

Charter Cruising Turkey Specifications:

Year Built 1983
Length: 57 ft
Beam: 16 ft
Draft: 6.5 ft
Engine: 120 hp Perkins
Cruising Speed 8.0 knots
Sail Area: 1,600 sq ft
Water: 370 gal
Crew: 3
Charter Cruising Greece
Charter Cruising Greece Charter Cruising Turkey
Charter Cruising Turkey Equipment:

Radar, Autopilot, GPS
VHF Radio-Telephone
Cell Phone
Refrigerator & Deep Freeze
Generator: 220v 5.5kva
Television with DVD Player
Stereophonic Sound System
Fishing Tackle
Snorkeling Gear
Tender with 30 hp Outboard
Charter Cruising Greece

Charter Cruising Turkey

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