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Staysail Schooner
Surgun d
Cruising the Greek and Turkish Aegean

Cruising Turkish Aegean

The staysail schooner Surgun d has superior appeal
for a memorable sailing holiday cruising the Greek and Turkish Aegean.
Completed in the spring of 1992, this hand-crafted wooden yacht was skillfully constructed from oak, Calabrian pine, mahogany, and teak, and then outfitted and appointed with care. Converted from gaff-rig to fore-and-aft rig in 2006 with accompanying refurbishment, she is now a tried and tested charter yacht combining mobility, cuisine, and comfort able to accommodate ten guests in five ensuite cabins.

Cruising Greek Aegean

Cruising Turkish Aegean Cruising Greek Aegean


Five double cabins
each en suite, plus
large salon stepped down from a roomy pilothouse with guest seating.
Ship's interior fully air-conditioned.
Indoor and outdoor dining facilities.
Cabin-top sun mattresses.
Al fresco quarterdeck protected by sun awning.
Separate crew quarters,
including one guest cabin reserved for the captain.

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 1992 Refit: 2006
LOA: 87 ft, LOD: 79 ft
Beam: 21 ft
Sail Area: 2,690 sq ft
Engine: 360 hp Cummins
Generator: 16 kva
Water Tanks: 1,850 gal
Fuel Tanks: 1,060 gal
Cruising Speed: 9 knots


VHF & Mobile Telephones,
Stereo Music System, TV,
Fully Equipped Galley, Deep Freeze,
Tender with Outboard, Windsurfer and Kayak,
Fishing and Snorkeling Equipment.
Cruising Turkish Aegean

Cruising Greek Aegean Cruising Turkish Aegean

Cruising Turkish Aegean

Cruising Greek Aegean

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning staysail schooners and others cruising the Greek and Turkish Aegean may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. You must be searching for a yacht cruising the Greek or Turkish Aegean if for no other reason than because you are unlikely to be searching for a Surgun d. Or for any kind of Surgun. Surgun is a Turkish word which with umlauts can mean "place of exile." Thus you might consider an Aegean exile on a staysail schooner like Surgun d. You might combine a holiday cruising along white-sand beaches turning into pine-encircled clear-water coves with a cruise through history. You might like to do this along Turkey's southwest coast and among Aegean islands of Greece as did, for one example, Umur Pasha, the Lion of God. Or you might charter a schooner to cruise through history along Cruising Turkish Aegeanthe south coast of Turkey as did Thomas the Slav. Or you might like to do both. Schooner cruise along the west and south coasts of Turkey and among adjacent Aegean islands of Greece. Do you already plan to holiday in Greece or Turkey? With your family? Or with a group of friends? Why not do it aboard a schooner chartered in Turkey familiar with both the Turkish coast and with adjacent Greek islands. A schooner with five guest cabins accommodating ten of you. Why not charter a staysail schooner to cruise the Aegean from Bodrum. Or from Kusadasi near ancient Ephesus, the premier tourist attraction in Turkey. It was in 1304 that the Tribe of Aydin took Ephesus from the Byzantine Empire, or Empire of the Romans on our map at left, and it was not long afterward that its Turcoman horsemen began adapting to the sea. In those shifting tides the emirs of Aydin built a massive fleet, and in one such tidal shift Umur Ghazi sailed with 200 warships to the 1343 relief of Byzantine Emperor John Cantacuzenus then besieged by invading Serbs and Bulgars. In compensation for his aid Umur was made Lord of Chios. History tells us that Umur Pasha was the first Turkish sea commander of note. Should history not be enough, there is a two thousand verse epic poem dedicated to Umur's exploits entitled The Destan of Umur Pasha available in French from Do you have an interest in history or epic poetry? Do your children have an interest in history or epic poetry? The eastern Mediterranean is often termed the cradle of civilization. It is also the Cruising Turkish Aegeancrossroads of history. Further, it is the birthplace of epic poetry. It was just a few miles north of Aydin and Ephesus, at Chios, that Homer recounted his epic poem entitled The Iliad. Come learn for yourself. Charter a wooden schooner cruising the Greek and Turkish Aegean. Begin your holiday in Gocek. Or in Kusadasi, the modern port for Ephesus. Sail to Chios or Lesbos in Greece. Come aboard Surgun d, a charter schooner offering unforgettable holidays. Come aboard a charter schooner with an experienced crew able to show you the Aegean islands of Greece, and able to show you the AD 822 route up the Turkish coast to Constantinople of Thomas The Slav's siege fleet. Or its AD 823 route back whence it came. Thomas the Slav was one of Byzantine Empress Irene's generals, a handsome and personable general, too, until Irene's throne was usurped by Michael II who stripped Thomas of his rank. And his smile. Headquartered at Antioch, now Antakya, on the eastern fringe of the empire, Thomas the Slav rallied Anatolia to his cause, crowned himself pretender, and struck back. His fleet sailed west and then around Anatolia while his army marched overland to besiege Constantinople. On this earlier occasion, however, the Bulgar enemy proved to be a Bulgar friend of the empire, and with its help the usurper Michael II put an end to the pretender Thomas the Slav. History. There's more. Epic poetry. There's more. Come learn for yourself. Come learn aboard Surgun d, a popular staysail schooner cruising the Greek and Turkish Aegean. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at