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Xenos III
Wooden Luxury Yacht
Turkey And Greece

Wooden Luxury Yacht Greece

Xenos III is one of the more luxurious wooden yachts sailing Turkey and Greece.
With only five guest cabins and an overall length of 98-feet, this mahogany framed and planked vessel has lots of room in which to socialize or get lost. Built to Lloyd's specifications, she has a mahogany-paneled interior and full air-conditioning. The huge master cabin has a king-size bed as well as his and hers en-suite bathrooms. Four additional cabins have double or twin beds and space. Meticulously maintained by her crew of five, guests may be confident of a relaxed holiday.

Wooden Luxury Yacht Turkey

Wooden Luxury Yacht Greece Wooden Luxury Yacht Turkey

Wooden Luxury Yacht Greece

Technical Specifications:

Year Built: 2000
Length: 96 ft
Beam: 23 ft
Draft: 8 ft
Displacement: 107 tons
Sail Area: 5,250 sq ft
Engine: 430 hp Caterpillar
Generators: (2) 33kva Deere
Water 1,060 gal
Water-Maker: 1,250 gal/day
Fuel 1,060 gal
Sail Area: 5,270 sq ft
Cruising Speed: 7 knots

Wooden Luxury Yacht Turkey


VHF Radio-Telephone
Flat Screen Television
Stereo Music System
(2) Kayaks
Tender with Outboard
Speed Boat with 70 hp Motor
Water Skis
Snorkeling Equipment
Fishing Tackle
Ship's Laundry
Fully Equipped Galley

Wooden Luxury Yacht Turkey

Wooden Luxury Yacht Greece

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Turkeysailing Kara Hasan's early corsair tracks along the west coast of Turkey and among neighboring Greek islands. Kara Hasan did it not with a luxury yacht but with a small squadron of fast single-masted shallow-draft wooden galliots with up to 22 oars to a side such as that depicted at left, preying on Venetian shipping and Venetian communities in the Aegean. That was before absconding to Tunisia intent on a new life sailing in company with the Barbarossa brothers, raiding the coasts of Spain and Italy while also preying on merchant shipping. Kara is a modern Turkish word meaning black. When used as a sobriquet five hundred years ago, however, it often meant brave or strong or signified manly beauty. In Kara Hasan's case it may have also signified a prominence among Ottoman corsairs. Born circa 1460 on the Greek island of Skyros at a time of Venetian rule, he early on became a pirate operating outside of the law from ancient Miletus, a silted Anatolian port inaccessible to deeper draft vessels, and from the Tunisian island of Djerba, another haven for shallow-draft vessels. From these ports he would take revenge on Venice for her Fourth Crusade sack of Greek Constantinople and subsequent seizure of most Greek islands including his own, waylaying her merchant shipping and plundering her island realm. Because no nation-state in the 15th Century could afford a permanent navy, however, Kara Hasan and others like him were in time of need called to national service. And what other national service than that of the Ottoman Empire often at loggerheads with Venice! As an agent of the Ottoman Empire, Kara Hasan was present at Mehmet the Conqueror's unsuccessful 1480 Siege of Hospitaller Rhodes, at Sultan Beyazid's 1487 Ottoman evacuation of Spanish Moors to North Africa, at the same sultan's 1490 relief of besieged Moorish Granada, and with the Ottoman fleet during the Ottoman-Venetian War of 1499 to 1503 when he was one of Sultan Beyazid's three highest paid sea captains, each earning 20 silver akçes per day. In order to facilitate his frequent forays beyond the law, however, Kara Hasan was in the habit of having his own death announced, usually by his pirate brother Kara Tornus. Thus he was reported killed at the Wooden Luxury Yacht GreeceAugust 1499 Battle of Zonchio fighting Venetians, but was almost immediately uncovered upon his return to Constantinople. Four months later he was again reported killed defending Ottoman Keffalonia besieged by Venetian Captain-General Melchiorre Trevisan. This second false death was good for four years until he was found with his brother in the Spring of 1505 lifting Ottoman grain at a time of Ottoman famine. Now this was a serious crime, and Kara Hasan did a fast exit, not reappearing for another eight years when he was to lose three small galliots called fustas in June 1513 to a larger Venetian squadron operating out of Corfu. But his most lasting false death, perpetuated to this day by the usually reliable Spanish Historian Diego de Haedo, was the "barbarous cruelty" of his execution by the elder Barbarossa brother in the Spring of 1516. Kara Hasan was in fact killed by the younger Barbarossa brother five years later for having in 1520 seized the port of Cherchell in Algeria and proclaiming himself Emir with attendant court. Algeria, of course, was in 1521 contested by Spain and the Ottoman Empire, and the younger Barbarossa was then the Ottoman Sanjakbey or Governor; there was no room for a third party. Would you like to sail this corsair's earlier Aegean tracks while you holiday at the crossroads of history? Among Greek islands once Venetian now again Greek? Learning of his local conquests? Or would you prefer to simply cruise with family and friends or corporate associates from port to port? Parking with your yacht's stern opposite a taverna serving octopus in vinegar? With a glass of wine? Cruising far into the Aegean. To the Cyclades. Or are the nearer Greek Dodecanese far enough? Starting in Turkey? Starting in Bodrum? Or Gocek? Are you searching for Gocek in Turkey? Or are you wondering about Kara Hasan? Come join us at the crossroads of history. We can fill in the gaps. So, too, can the crew of Xenos III, a luxury yacht available for charter in Turkey and Greece. Contact Blue Cruise Yacht Charters today at