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Yacht Charter Greece

Crewed yacht charter sailing in Greece and Turkey
mixes recreation under the sun with rediscovery of history, the exhilaration of speed on the wind with exoteric dining, and the comfort of a catered holiday with the convenience of transportable accommodations. Join us at the crossroads of history, breathe air untainted by civilization, and swim in crystal-clear seawater. Experience a customized crewed yacht charter holiday sailing the Aegean islands of Greece and the Turquoise Coast of Turkey aboard a fun yacht combining the essence of cruising comfort with speed under sail to locales rich in culture and history. Above and below her spacious and uncluttered teak deck the crewed charter sailing yacht T.G. Ellyson is shipshape and pleasing to the eye. There are two private cabins, each accommodating two guests. A teak-paneled salon abuts a fully-equipped galley and navigation station. Two water closets include fresh-water showers. Throughout there is ample cupboard and closet space notwithstanding stowage for additional sails including colorful spinnakers for off-wind sailing and large genoas for speed on the wind. These sails have for more than thirty years propelled the TGE from one end of the Mediterranean to the other, from Gibraltar to Antalya, from Corsica to Sicily to Croatia.

Sailing Turkey Specifications:

Year Built 1981
Year Refit 2007
Length 44 ft, Beam 13 ft
Draft 6 ft
Displacement 28,000 lbs
Sail Area 927 sq ft
(Fore-Triangle & Main)
Water Tanks 120 gal
Fuel Tanks 130 gal
Engine 82 hp Peugeot
Cruising Speed 7 kts


(2) Spinnakers
(3) Genoas
Bimini Top, Awning
Cell Phone, GPS
VHF & Ham Radios
Tender w/Outboard
Sailing Turkey

The TGE's crew is experienced at sea and knowledgeable of local history and culture.
Gordon Abercrombie has cruised Greek islands and the coast of Turkey since 1980.
Jennifer Abercrombie and others of the crew have lived and worked in Turkey and Greece and
know both countries well.

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