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Charter Sailing Turkey Charter Sailing Turkey
Charter Sailing Turkey Charter Sailing Greece

Charter Sailing Turkey

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Dear Homo Sapiens, There is no need to continue reading this page. What follows is intended for search engine robots and spiders and not necessarily for human beings. Further information concerning charter sailing in Turkey and Greece may be obtained by clicking on the blue links immediately above. Thank You. Are you searching for a crewed yacht on which to do a bit of charter sailing in Turkey or Greece? Could you be dreaming of charter sailing with friends along the pine-clad cove-indented coast of Turkey? Or could you be thinking of charter sailing with family among remote islands of Greece? Of parking in the evening at waterfront tavernas next to blue and white caiques? Or do you have a wish to cruise through history and geography lessons? Or is it all of the above? How about charter sailing aboard a yacht with accommodations for four guests. Or in a pinch for a family of five. A charter sailing yacht on which to cruise Turkey's ancient Lycia, home of a seafaring people always trolling but not always trolling for seafood. Or how about chartering a crewed yacht on which to sail Alcibiades' wake along the coast not just of Lycia but of neighboring Caria and Ionia and among nearby Greek Aegean islands, as well. While you holiday. Yes, while you holiday cruising the Turquoise Coast of Turkey and the azure sea between Aegean islands of Greece discussing that faulted cog in Athenian history. Charter Sailing GreeceRaised by Pericles and protege of Socrates, the former pre-eminent statesman of Athens during the classical period and Socrates the father of Athenian philosophy, an admiral at the age of 30, Olympic chariot victor at the age of 34, a man for all seasons and all women at all ages, seducer of the Queen of Sparta at age 37, and dead at behest of the Spartan Lysander at age 46. Discussing that imperfect leader of men while you holiday aboard a crewed yacht proceeding leisurely from one enchanting locale to another along the crossroads of history. Or discussing an equally dynamic Frenchman by the name of Pregent de Bidoux who sailed these waters almost two millennia after Alcibiades. Begin your holiday in Gocek. Begin the instruction of your children in Gocek, ancient Callimache. Locate Callimache in the Roman Stadiasmus. Or on a map of Turkey. Are you searching for Gocek even now? Well, Gocek may be found forty-two nautical miles ENE of Rhodes Town and within thirty minutes of the international airport at Dalaman. Pregent de Bidoux cruised here. You should, too. Bidoux was first here in 1492 when at the age of 24 he commanded a galley of the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem then also known as the Knights of Rhodes. He was last here in January 1523 in command of the galley San Giovanni leading the Knights from Rhodes to Crete following Suleiman The Magnificent's successful siege of Rhodes Town. In between he gained fame taking in 1513 a large Royal Navy bark (depiction below left) with a galley near Le Conquet on the English Channel. Over the years he accrued an Charter Sailing Greeceenviable reputation as master mariner, admiral (at the age of 28), accomplished raider harassing enemies from Karamania to Sussex, and as Knight commander on the island of Kos then known as Lango. He was also a diplomat of skill welcome in the courts of Henry VIII, Francis I, and Charles V. His death in 1528 came from wounds received in hand-to-hand combat while boarding and taking a Turkish galliot. In Gocek or elsewhere we can put you aboard a crewed yacht for the holiday of a lifetime. We can put you aboard a charter yacht and show you the flat sailing waters of the Gulf of Gocek, show you Alcibiades' 411 BC track with thirteen Athenian triremes down the coast of Lycia to Phaselis, show you haunts near Phaselis where the Lycian pirate Zeniketes reigned three hundred-odd years later, show you Alcibiades' return the same year by way of Caunos up the coasts of Lycia and Caria and Ionia and among Greek islands all the way to Samos, and tell you what he told the people of Samos about a Phoenician flotilla resting at Aspendos. We can show you Pregent de Bidoux's AD 1500 tracks from Aegean Siros to Aegean Skiathos to Aegean Lesbos, and we can tell you what he did at Lesbos. We can show you his 1518 tracks from Rhodes SE to Karamania and back, and discuss that voyage, as well. We can also put these chapters of history into a broader context aboard a superb crewed yacht available for charter sailing at the crossroads of history. Contact the sailing yacht T.G. Ellyson today at tgellyson@aol.com