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Schedule of Charter Hire Tariffs

The tariff schedules for Sailing Yachts T.G. Ellyson, Miss Charlotte, and Astral Music, follow


Rate per week for T.G. Ellyson    
1-2 guests $4,550 U.S.    
3-4 guests $5,600 U.S.    
5-6 guests NA    
Variables: The daily rate increases by $100 per day for charters of less than a week. Prior to 15 April and after 1 November the foregoing TGE rates are reduced by $100 per day. There is, in addition, a ten percent discount on the foregoing rates for guests returning once, twenty percent for guests returning twice, and so forth to a maximum of fifty percent.    
Terms include: All running expenses, mooring fees, and transit logs; breakfast, lunch, and liquid refreshment provisions; all other ordinary and necessary yacht expenses    
Terms do not include: Dinner in the evening; shore excursion expense.    
Payment: Bookings are confirmed by deposit of one-half of the tariff in a dedicated account. The balance of the tariff is due six weeks before boarding by payment into the same account. Deposits are occasion for the yacht to be removed from availability lists for the period of the booking and, therefore, are non-refundable except in the event of the yacht’s non-performance. Balances are similarly non-refundable. Deposits and balances may be paid in U.S. dollars, British pounds sterling, European Union euros, or Turkish lira.

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