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Unforgettable Holidays
Sailing Greece Among Its Aegean Islands
Sailing Turkey Along The Coast of Asia Minor

Another dimension has been added to the richness of living, and we are grateful for it.
Esther Flashner, New York City, June 1996

Thank you, thank you, Gordon and Brigitte, for giving us the best vacation ever!
Joan Butterton, Newton, Massachusetts, July 2011

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Sailing Turkey ReefedSailing Greece! Sailing Turkey! Aegean Sun, Castellorizo, Classical and Hellenistic History, Crusader Castles, Homer, Hydra, Islands Drenched in Cycladic Blues and Whites or Dodecanese Pastels, Lycia, Monemvasia, Parian Marbles, Patmos, Rhodes, Saint Paul, Samos, Taurus Mountains, Turquoise Coast, Xanthos, Yacht Charters - all the stuff of a memorable honeymoon or holiday best enjoyed aboard a well-appointed proper yacht sailing Greece and Turkey.

Combining speed under sail with her crew's passion for history and archaeology, one of these proper yachts is the forty-four foot crewed charter sailing yacht T.G. Ellyson. Topside the TGE's expansive teak deck is free of obstruction, the rigging easily workable. Below decks there are two private cabins each accommodating two guests. A teak-paneled salon incorporates a fully-equipped galley and navigation station. Two water closets include fresh-water showers.

The crew of T.G. Ellyson has sailed the Mediterranean for decades, cruising from Gibraltar to Lebanon, from Crete to Istanbul and beyond, including exhaustive cruising of the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean. Gordon Abercrombie, owner and skipper of the T.G. Ellyson, has cruised the Greek islands and coast of Turkey since 1980. Jennifer Abercrombie, English, Isabelle Outin, French, and others of the TGE crew have traveled extensively through both countries and possess a local familiarity and language fluency smoothing the way for TGE guests.

A typical day aboard any of these very special yachts begins with a view of water-side life in a Greek or Turkish town or of pine-clad slopes and clear seawater. Breakfast may be taken on deck or from a taverna or stone kiln ashore. During breakfast the guests plan their day. Hiking and exploring may come next, or sailing while trolling for sagacious sea life. Swim stops may be frequent, depending Sailing Turkeyon inclination and destination. The destination may be an idyllic cove affording opportunity to snorkel or kayak, or simply to relax and read in the warmth of the sun. And in the evening guests may wish to enjoy catered dining or the campfire cuisine of an enterprising restaurateur skilled in the art of preparing fine regional food. Nearby there may be ancient Greek, Roman, or Byzantine ruins not often seen by tourists, or the ruins of a pirate village climbing slopes from which watchful eyes once peered out to sea. Alternatively the destination might be a charming town home to wily rug merchants, to silver shops, or to an agora or bazaar offering a myriad of shopping opportunities. And likely, in such a town, the dining will be memorable.

Here, there, or elsewhere, guests will be meeting and conversing with people of many nationalities and varied backgrounds, listening, learning, and experiencing the holiday of their lives. Charter a sailing yacht to cruise Greece! Or charter a motor yacht to cruise Turkey! Or charter a sailing yacht to do both!

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